The Difference is in the Dogs!

New York K-9: New York Bomb Dogs

New York K-9 provides 24-hour immediate response bomb dog sweeps and ancillary services in the New York area. Our highly trained explosive detection canines (better known "bomb dogs") and professional handlers from the world of law enforcement currently secure top financial centers, sports arenas, entertainment facilities and transportation hubs all over the New York tri-state area. In addition to providing 24/7/365 bomb dog sweeps, our firm also provides a wide-array of other explosives detection related security services.

New York Bomb DogsIn the post September 11th world, bombings remain one of the primary security concerns among law enforcement officials and other security professionals--for good reason. Compared to other forms of terrorism, bombings are relatively easy to accomplish. The materials to produce a powerful bomb are inexpensive and can be purchased from a local hardware store. Setting up a device requires a mere modicum of technical know how that can easily be ascertained via this very medium you are using now. Most importantly to potential terrorists, even a small, crudely-fashioned bomb can cause mass casualties and resulting hysteria.

Explosive Detection Canine NYFortunately, there are sensible security measures that can be taken to deter bomb threats and make your facility a less attractive target. Perhaps the most effective of these methods is the establishment of a comprehensive explosive detection K-9 program. New York K-9 specializes in the design, implementation and review of facility security plans designed to protect against explosive attack. To learn more about what we offer and how we can help make your operations more secure, please contact us for more information and to set up a free demonstration with one of our K-9 and handler teams.


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